The Crucifixion of the Sons of God

The killings of our black males is Europe's method to destroy life's Natural Order. Being the blood descendants of the Ancient Hebrews our black men was given legal possession over God's laws to maintain justice on Earth. Europe employed their military, religion, political, economical, and psychological practices along with their law enforcement to seek and destroy the vital essential role of our black men.  Their murders are indeed an unjust immoral criminal act. From the time of our enslavement to this day our men still face the same fate which proves beyond doubt Europe's determination to wipe us out. They stratergize to keep us suppress by reducing the mental and moral character of our men to keep us separated from God's laws. When analyzing the current state of our condition along with our first interaction with Europeans we can see by their malicious acts of destruction and bloodshed that they have declared war against our race, and thats why there is no justice for us. Their laws uphold their beliefs and their aggression toward our men is their procedure of attack to annihilate our race. Their actions of brutality towards our men places them in a difficult dangerous position where their rules and regulations fail us as a people. Therefore we as a nation must take action to remove ourselves and the future generations from the living circumstances they have placed on our men to assure the safety and prosperity of our heritage.