From the Horn of the Unicorn

Psalms 92:10 reads, "But my horn shall thou exalt like the horn of the                  unicorn : I shall be anointed with fresh oil."


Israelites must return to Ethiopia : Israel shall be restored to its                normal state and be free from corruption.

Third Commandment

Ex.20:7 reads, "Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain ; for           the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh His name in vain."


African men, you are connected to your King by blood which makes you responsible for upholding the Monarchy of our nation. You must not disown your legal right to give commands and enforce obedience to the Laws of our King. You are the natural inherited Rulers of our land which gives you the power over the lives and affairs of our people. Enforce the Constitution of our King and free us from the influence and control of Europe. Emperor Haile Selassie I establish a system for you to maintain jurisdiction over our land. In no manner should you defend other nations or observe their laws. Neither should you allow them to manage our affairs or furnish them with our land. Violating the terms of our King's Laws will allow Europe and others nations to have authority over you and possess our resources. Your allegiance is with your King which makes you liable for the care of our nation. Do not disregard His ordinances and give their legislation's power to control you, or pass judgment upon our people. Restrain these governments with your legal authority and place them under the obligation of the Laws of God. Do not refuse to acknowledge the terms of our Constitution which belongs to you by law and nature. It is in accordance with fact, reason, justice, and morality. Restore our Constitution and discharge the whole body of customs, practices, and rules of foreign administration's. His Imperial Majesty Constitution is a written Declaration of Law. Take jurisdiction over our land and compel observance to the Laws of our King by legal force. The Constitution, decrees, and principles of our King is the main part that makes up our Monarchy. It is the vital function of your administration occuring in conformity with your original customs and is not imaginary or visionary but a fact corresponding with reality. You are the main bodies that constitute the governing authority of the magistrate of our King. You are the heads of our nation, and the Directors of Authority by Divine Right. Take possession of your rights by conforming to the Laws to carry on the Customs of Emperor Haile Selassie I, to have absolute authority over our land. Legalize His system of fundamental laws and principles to become disunited with other governments that you may be set apart solely to the services of God. Our King enacted laws as an orderly way for you to restrict the operation of foreign legislation's in our land. It is your duty to reinforce His Laws to keep all other systems in check that they don't have any power to regulate our affairs. You must not contribute to any other governments nor trade or lend our resources or services with other nations. Failing to observe the conditions of this agreement will permit the presence of foreign establishments to overrun our land. African men, you must dedicate yourselves to the services of our nation and enforce the Laws of our King that it may be observed. The physcial makeup of His Laws develop and organize the structure of our Society. It will give you the ability to exercise your Legal Authority and will declare your power to delegate the Laws of God on Earth. It will also balance the functionality of power and maintain the administration of God's Laws. Exercise your Authority over His Laws and use His Constitution as the Foundation to form the structure of your Kingdom, and Orderly Arrange His Principles to establish a Customary way to carry out the Judgments of the                                            LORD your God.