From the Horn of the Unicorn


Israelites must return to Ethiopia; Israel shall return to its normal state and be free from corruption.

Psalm 92:10 reads," But my horn shall thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn; I shall be annionted with fresh oil."


Exodus 20:13 reads, "You shall not kill."


African men, you are legally bound to the laws of your King, Emperor Haile Selassie I. It is your natural duty and moral obligation to your nation to uphold the laws, principles, and judgments of His Imperial Majesty. It is none other than your responsibility to maintain control over our King's Constitution.


Terminate the leadership of foreign officials and charge them for all the laws establish and enforce by their legislation. Subject them to legal review and make them accountable for all acts of war against our nation. End all the functions of their administration and persecute them for crimes against humanity. Give them a critical evaluation and charge them for their participation in war crimes giving them a life sentence. 


Take the Pope of Rome into custody. He is the leader of their governments, who is invested with the highest title of authority. He directs the military branches of Europe and America government and gives the order for war. Take legal action and convict him for every declaration of war, and give him a life sentence for ordering the colonization of our nation.


Give notice and recognize how our nation has been devastated by political warfare taking a change for the worst undergoing a drastic alteration of economic disorder and disasters under foreign policies. Administer justice and estimate the deaths and suffering imposed on our people affected by deadly poisons, radioactive gases, disease, famine, and poverty and determine a judgment. Overthrow their government and establish the laws of God. It is the Pope principles which are currently ruling over the world. Enforce God's principles world-wide without exception, His government is Superior to all mankind.