From the Horn of the Unicorn

Psalm 92:10 reads, "But my horn shall thou exalt like the horn of              the unicorn : I shall be anointed with fresh oil."


Israelites must return to Ethiopia : Israel shall be restored to               its normal state and be free from corruption.

Fisrt Commandment

Exodus 20:3 reads,"You shall have no gods before Me."


African men, show proper regards for our nation and restore our Monarchy. It is your legal obligation to conduct the functions of our own administration. To no degree should you submit to any foreign governments or accept their laws as God's divine principles ruling over man. You must never replace our King's laws with your own ideas to counteract the balance of His justice system. Take notice how foreign governments has brought division and war into our nation and using its policies to dictate their dominion. Their system of principles has caused us unaware to adapt to their customs which promotes the prosperity of their queen, and her commanding power and influence over us. We must do what is right and conform back to our original customs to correct the mistake we made by turning away from our King. Give heed to our affairs and look upon the impoverishment of our people and attend to their needs. Enforcing our King, Emperor Haile Selassie I Constitution will bring our nation to its natural state giving you full control over our land and resources to re-establish our Monarchy. African men, you are bind by the laws of our King to administer His laws, statues, and judgments. It is solely your responsibility to take the leading role in protecting our nation. Our nation depend on your management and is influenced by the settling of institutionalize policy. Therefore you are required to free us from the interference and disturbances of foreign policies to lead our nation back to God. You must also take successive steps in opposing trade and stop giving our land and resources to strengthen other nations progression that we may take the full measure of our resources and furnish our people with the neccessities to live to raise our people to higher more improve standard of living. Humble yourselves before God and stop surrendering to foreign legislations. Rejecting the laws of our King made us inferior to other nations which caused us to be under their rule. Declare the laws of our King and bring an end to subjecting yourselves to be kept down by the laws of man. Give your King an answer by instituting His ordinances, statues, and decrees. His laws is spirtually perfect, pure, and incorruptible. The laws of God is His divine nature given to man to train our behavior. It need to be held at high esteem and regarded with the same respect and reverence as God's sacred spirit serving as a complete set of regulations to be observe by man as a guide to conduct our actions. Never again should you honor anothers nation's customs and hold their principles with great respect over God and position their laws in the place of our King's to fight directly against Him in preventing His virtue which consist in                       giving to every man his proper due.