From the Horn of the Unicorn

Psalm 92:10 reads, "But my horn shall thou exalt like the horn of the                   unicorn : I shall be anointed with fresh oil."


Israelites must return to Ethiopia : Israel shall be restored to its                         normal state and be free from corruption.

Second Commandment

Exodus 20: 4-6 reads, "Thou shall not make unto thee any graven image or any likeness of any thing that is in the heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. Thou shall not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them : for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the inquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate Me ; And shewing mercy unto the thousands of them that                                          love me and keep My Commandments."


African men, by no means should you establish any laws representing or imitating the same form of other nations. Their laws is a representation of a diabolic hierarchy concealed by the pursuits, interest, and pleasures of Europe. You must not acknowledge their governments nor comply with any of their orders. Neither shall you assist them in war positioning yourselves unto their services as their loyal subjects to display an act of devotion by reinforcing and safeguarding their governments. The LORD, Emperor Haile Selassie I is your King, the Cheif Head and Ruler of our nation. He is your God, the Creator of the Universe, the King of Israel. He is the first God known unto man, before Him their was no other. He is ONE and their is none besides Him. It is of great consequence when we violate the Divine Laws of our King which leave our nation unprotected and open to attack. Our King is perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness with an eternal spirit having far more than natural attributes. He has sent me to provide you with this message to stop the systematic destruction of our nation and persecution of our people by the the popes of Rome who has attacked us vigorously by chemical warfare afflicting us with plagues, numerous of diseases, and infections. Pope Paul I, Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Frances created a deadlock putting us to the sword showing no mercy. They made it  immpossible for us to escape their violent bloodshed laying their hands heavy upon us with war, famine, diaster, poverty, infestation, and contaminates trampling our nation and people with poisons to kill us out indiscrimately. Their acts of inhumanity against us is embedded with deep jealousy towards your kingship with a very intense desire for your power. They have caused our nation and people enoromous pain, suffering, adversities, misfortunes and deaths. Therefore the LORD God has revealed their true nature towards us to allow you to see all that has occured unto us under their reign that you may understand that it is He who has compassion for our people. He has directed your attention towards His laws to provide us with protection from these unjust acts and to place you back in a position of dignity. It is you to whom the LORD God has invested with the highest authority and not the popes so exhibit loyalty towards your King and comply with the terms of His Constitution. During the coarse of Western Control they violated all of our rights and establish their systems to maintain our country for economic exploitation. They constituted authority over our financial affairs and devise regulations to adjust it according to their nation's prosperity. They designed all of their rules to keep you under their control to prevent you from possessing Sovereign Authority. Rome place us under the obligation of their laws and destroyed the existence of our Monarchy to rob you of your authority, power, and jurisdiction that they may take the advantage over the welfare of society to cause us all to indebted to their governments. Defend yourselves against them and do not become united with their governments. Do not submit yourselves unto their commands by conforming to their system of principles which restrains your ruling power changing the circumstances of our lives influencing our behavior, attitude, and perception. Take precautionary measures and furnish each country with the means of support by providing soldiers equipped for war during the time of invasion by foriegn nations to prevent them from overpowering us. You must give each other assistance during the times of hostilities with foreign militaries to maintain our freedom from Colonial Powers, and to declare our rights of ownership of our land, and to govern freely without the influence of other nations. Europe took possession of our land and resources to cause our nation to depend on their governments for support so that we would be subjected to their systems of taxation. They are not the owners of our land. They should not establish any regulations for us to leave by. It is your responsibility to regulate our resources. Permitting foreign legislations to adjust our resources has reduce us to bankruptcy and poverty which has disrupt our order to maintain economic stability. The standards of our King is His systematic arrangement which permits our nation to progress without the dependency of other nations. It will end the civil wars amongst us causing our entire nation to be on one acccord. You have the ability to change our circumstances. Recognize the differences between the laws of our King and the laws of man and conform to the Moral Order of the Universe. God's Sacred Principles is everlasting and unchanging existing through all times. African men, you possess an Monarchy which is distinctly different from all political establishments. It exhibit Supreme Power with the highest quality of humanity marked by freedom from manmade systems. Our King's Laws is His contribution to the health, welfare, and prosperity of our nation. It is your defense against foreign legislations and your way to triumph against injustice. Do not make it easy for no nation to move against us by giving their governments and militaries access to our land. They should not have any form of liberty to penetrate or intrude. Do not allow them to commute or interact with our affairs, it is their technique to advance against you. Remove yourselves from their influence and stop constituting their principles, teaching their doctrines, and arranging plans for our nation around their ideas. Their systems of scientific knowledge has cultivated our minds and civilization. Overturn their their policies and place them in a inferior position that their regulations will have no jurisdiction over you. Use force against their policies and legalize the laws of our King to overcome their systems which demands exclusive loyalty to their laws by which they create wars as an act of defense to maintain Control. Liberate us from the burden of their legislations and set our King's principles in Order to free us from oppression.