Exodus 20:7 reads, "Thou shall not take the name of the LORD in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain."

Message from your King

African men, to no degree should you take my name Emperor Haile Selassie I as meaningless. Take serious notice and recognize that I am your King, and understand it is I who gave my commandments unto you. It is of Utmost importance that you acknowledge my supreme authority and know I lead you by my laws. I will punish them that cause you to reject my Monarchy. They will be recompense for hindering you from conforming to my laws. Their evil shall be return unto them for deceiving you with worthless efforts to attain your rights. I will judge them for fighting against your restoration. They will suffer for delaying your progression and for seeking to obtain control over you by perverting the truth. Now therefore Israel stop idling your time away in your attempt to achieve justice from a system in which you do not belong. I have revealed unto you the significance of my laws which invest you with your rights. Return unto me by complying with my commands that I may situate you above all governments. Have no doubt that I, the King of Israel am the foremost in rank and the chief officer in command. Show respect and carry out my orders to establish your independence. I have furnish you with the knowledge to rule over foreign legislation's. Make legal replica of my laws, decrees, and ordinances to teach my people my customs and to exercise complete dominion over Israel. You can be certain that I will direct you and give you jurisdiction over my nation. Turn your focus away from the systematic injustice of foreign administrations and direct your full attention to me and take into account the importance of my commandments. Constitute my laws and remove foreign policies to become self reliant and establish an orderly way to govern by my undivided rule. I have provided you with a systematic plan to unify my nation. Utilize my laws to overpower foreign governments and to bring them under the control of my laws. Apprehend the truth and recognize that you are under the same circumstances of your ancestors in which Moses my prophet lead Israel out of Egypt by delivering unto them my laws. I establish my covenant with them in which they broke, therefore Judah being my law enforcers were taking back into captivity for refusing to uphold my laws. Now that you have a clear understanding of the truth do away with all foreign laws, decrees, customs, and institutions that they may no longer have power or influence over you. My laws are the essential form which constitute your Monarchy. Prepare yourselves to return unto Jerusalem to undergo the same process of rules that regulated my Monarchy in which you are obligated to observe and to exercise absolute control over Israel by Sovereign authority. It is a sure thing that you will manage the affairs of my nation to administer justice to every man which my laws and principles of equity require.