Exodus 20:3 reads, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."

Instructions from your King

African men, put away idol worship and come into my service. For I, Emperor Haile Selassie I is your God and King. I have called you by my name and given you the understanding to know that I am the King of Israel, your Redeemer. End your union with foreign governments and bring my laws into existence. For I am the first and there is no other creator. You belong unto me. Know with certainty descendants of Jacob, that I am the Sovereign of your nation. I precede all others in time, rank, dignity, and excellency. I will direct you with my laws and will make good on my promise of Reconciliation. I will liberate you and return Judah from captivity. Your sins has been pardon and I will make amends for your suffering. Restrict foreign policy and establish my entire body of laws, regulations, and ordinances. Before me there was no other form of life nor was there anything that could be found. You are my blood descendants. Free yourselves from confusion and accept the fact that you are the offspring of the twelve tribes of ancient Israel and have no doubt that I am your Commander. No one surpass my Superiority. Carefully consider my Imperial Authority Israel, and know that I am the Almighty. Govern the actions of men by utilizing my rules of conduct to command what shall be done and to restrain what they shall forbear. You are required to be in conformity with my laws for the restoration of our Monarchy. Dismiss foreigners from office and overturn foreign policy. Foreigners have no right to claim authority over you. I have chosen one descending from the tribe of Judah coming out of bondage to be your ruler. Your fathers voluntarily neglected to obey my divine ordinances and departed from the duties I prescribe. Therefore, you were overthrown and given to destruction. I am with you to liberate you from the restraints of foreign nations. I will set you upright in conformity with my laws and will drive out injustice. Cut off diplomacy and enforce my principles to permanently disable other nations from intervening in our affairs. In no manner should there be any other system of government, or administration of public affairs, or establish constitution in my land. Israel is my Kingdom and you are the inhabitants of my nation. Fear not and have full assurance that I am the Head. Take heed and recognize that I have the right to give commands and understand that no nation has the justification to rule over you. You are the hereditary rulers of my nation. Send away all foreign officials from  out of my country. They delegate the power of foreign administrations. Foreign administrations do not accept your lawful possession or authority over our land. They have taken the authority to make all final decisions pertaining to our nation. It's your duty to administrate justice. I have selected one conforming to my laws representing the truth, to whom will inherit my Kingdom after your deliverance. Your fathers forsake my laws and refuse to acknowledge me. They brought about their own laws and did not comply with my commands and followed after foreign customs. For that reason you are under foreign control. I will defend you against these nations. I will execute my judgment upon them bringing their governments to an end. I will establish my laws with you and destroy all idols and end corruption. You are a holy people consecrated unto me for my services. Separate yourselves from the pollution of foreign customs, principles, philosophies, religion, and foreign wives to prevent foreign nations from taking your possessions that it may be an inheritance unto your descendants forever.