Exodus 20: 16 read, "Thou shalt not bear false           witness against thy neighbour's."


African men, the parliaments of Europe and America did away with the laws of God and gave us their religion that we may obey them and reverence their idol as our savior. Their New Testament has cause us to be in contempt and show complete disregard towards our King. Europe brought forth their doctrine and bind us to their customs that we may model after them and share the same interest. Trusting in foreign customs is an institutionalize pledge of devotion that display our commitment unto their nation and our unwillingness to observe the laws of God. Breaking God's laws has left us unprotected and under the regulations of foreign administrations. They took the laws of God from out of existence and impose their system of beliefs, worship, philosophy, and conduct that we may submit to their control, look upon them with high regards, and adhere to their principles. Their representation of God is a phantom image created by the popes of Rome, who regard themselves as apostles and saints. Their pagan deity can not save us. Their teachings are advocated by the papacy which practice deception and base its knowledge from theories rather than the precepts of God. Idol worship has caused us to admire false doctrine and despise God. We have no respect for His authority nor do we attend to His laws. The parliaments of Europe and America put us under restraints to keep us from gaining possession of our Kingdom so that we can remain loyal unto them and defend their ruling. African men, return to your God and King, Emperor Haile Selassie I. He is the King of Israel, your Ruler by heredity. He is the living God with the breath of life in His nostrils and no idol. Your obedience unto His laws proves your love and respect for Him. Stop engaging foreign policy and govern our nation according to our King's Constitution. Foreign governments are designed to control you rather than defend your rights. They strengthen themselves through the administration of their laws which causes us to be unsuccessful in obtaining our independence. Overturn foreign policy and conform to the principles of our King. Failing to enforce the laws of our King will cause us to remain under foreign rule. God set you men of Israel aside for His special purpose. Discharge foreign officials and prepare yourselves for the service of your God. You are the representatives of His Monarchy. Therefore, it is solely your duty to enforce His laws as it was given unto your fathers in Horeb. His Covenant seals His union with our nation so show respect unto our King and fulfill your promise under the Covenant to uphold His laws.