From the Horn of the Unicorn

Psalm 92:10 reads, "But my horn shall thou exalt like the horn of the unicorn ; I shall be annointed with fresh oil."


Israelites must return to Ethiopia ; Israel shall be restore to its normal state and be free from corruption.

Eighth Commandment

Exodus 20:15 reads, "You shall not steal."


African men, foreign governments is using trade as a strategy to gain territory in our land. These governments are pursuing commerce to entangle us with debt. They are suppressing us with over taxation, fines, and interest rates to limit our growth. They took possession of our agriculture and mining products and place our nation in the position of a servant to service their governments. These large scale operations by these governments is a tactic of war designed to fraudulently acquire jurisdiction in our land. This scheme devised by these nations is their maneuver to obtain dominion. 


African men, you must remove the yoke and stop supporting the ideas and opinions of foreign governments. It is a trap to intruded in our affairs and seize the position of authority. You are compelled by law and physcial necessity to refuse their access to our nation. It is imperative that you forbid foreign governments from controlling our resources. They are investing in trade exclusively for the pursuit of wealth and power and leaving our nation in poverty.


The United Nations is consuming our resources excessively. They are presiding over us with unethical business dealings. Their method of procedure is an intentional misrepresentation of the truth to cause us to hand over our property so that they can obtain a secure unfair gain. The conditions that we are in demands by reason that we take a different course of action driven by our circumstances that cannot be done without showing our unwillingness to allow foreign governments to use up our raw material.


The United Nations exclusively control the means of producing and selling commodities and services. They are obtaining the advantage from the industrialization of our raw material. Europe acquired a monopoly to dominate the market to prohibit us from regaining full control over our assets. They are regulating our goods without any regards for what is needed to maintain our nation. They purposely estimate incorrectly with the intent to deprive our nation to make us submissive unto their governments. If we continue to allow foreign governments to divide our land and resources we will always lack the means of providing for our nation and will continue to suffer from a widespread destitution. Having insufficient resources impairs our development. It wounds our fundamental ability to provide aid to those in need and restrict the process of natural growth. The state of things as they are is our reality which presents the facts unveiling the truth about our condition. The reason for the circumstances that brought about our impoverishment especially with regards to the effect it has on our safety and well being is that we exchange our property for foreign currency, while at the same time the United Nations makes modificatons to limit what we can have to a great extent to increase their profits. The bonds they place on us impose extreme difficulties causing us bankrupt, indebt, and impoverish.


African men, you must withdraw from trade and allow our nation to benefit from our resources. The United Nations took possession over our land to promote the growth and prosperity of their enterprises. It is not their resposibility to determine the management of our assets. It is your duty to regulate our resources without the influence and control of foreign governments. Bring our raw material back to its proper usage inwhich it was originally given to sustain our nation. Furnish each African country with suitable resources to resolve their need. Provide jobs for producing crops, mining, and raising livestock. Exchange goods among all African countries and get rid of all foreign manufacturers. Take possession of our land and govern it according to the Constitution of our King, Emperor Haile Selassie I. Prohibit trade with foreign nations and take full possession of it so that we my expand with the whole of our raw material and land to re-establish and maintain our Monarchy.