Exodus 20:17 reads, "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour's.



African men, the political organizations of France, Great Britain, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Portugal attacked our nation and took possession over our land. They seize control of our military, cast down the laws of our King and took ownership over us and is using our labor and all things belonging unto us for profit. These foreign administrations overthrow our Sovereignty and position themselves as our rulers and seize authority of our affairs. They are using our raw material and vegetation to produce commodities, and selling our property for real estate. These foreign governments has created violent opposition between our people and are using our people to fight their war to maintain territorial possession of our land. They provided us with their laws to restrain us by their principles and to exercise supreme authority over us. You must stop allowing foreign nations from governing our affairs. Utilize the principles of our King, Emperor Haile Selassie I to restrict foreign policy. The parliaments of Europe and America's influence has transformed our concept of life. Allowing their customs to be the rule of law over our nation has given these nations the power to control the way we think and behave. Governing the laws of our King will remove foreign policy from presiding over you. Stop giving foreign nations the privilege of standing in your position. Realize that you are under subjection to foreign policy and discharge foreign laws and officials to limit their control and take absolute uninfluenced authority over nation. Stop them from using our resources and allow our people to benefit from their land and services. Foreign governments are using our nation to service their countries. We are providing them with our labor and resources and neglecting to furnish our nation with the repair and maintenance that is needed. Our labor and resources has made every nation wealthy except our own. Foreign  nations are taking all that we have and sharing in out among their countries causing our people to be without food and shelter. We must reject trade completely and look upon the desolation it brought to our nation. We are impoverish because we are not benefiting from our land or resources. We are trading it with foreign nations and leaving our people to suffer from the consequences of our decisions. Trade has wrecked our nation and exhausted our people to the point of death. Our people are dying from starvation while foreign nations are carelessly wasting our resources. This has displaced our people and brought about their homelessness causing them to suffer from the selfish and excessive desire for wealth and possession of foreign nations. These foreign governments is causing us to suffer from a widespread impoverishment while they are living off our substance. They purposely designed trade to take all that we have while implementing our free will to hand our lives and resources without struggle. This strategy by foreign nations has kept us down.  Bring about the progression of our people and move them to a higher standard of living and stop buying into foreign governments propaganda for war. They have conquered and plunder our land about 400 hundred years and slaughtered our people. African men, it is your duty to protect our nation from the unlawful and forceful practices of other nations which continuously threatens our existence. End all civil rivalry within our nation and join your armies together to form a union. Uniting our countries will bring our entire nation together as one unified structure symbolizing our Sovereignty and political unification. Enact the laws of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I to re-establish the official order of our Monarchy. Utilize the rule of conduct establish by our God and King and enforce them by authority of legislation. God's Divine Commandments are everlasting and  are the natural customs of our nation. His laws is the true knowledge that deals with the method and arrangement of systems. His laws are designed to serve as a guide to conduct our affairs, to train our conduct and administer justice. Governing our nation according to the principles of our King will set our nation free from foreign political restraint thus shielding our nation from foreign control. For it is the LORD your God giving you the understanding and power to issue His commands. Make your decision to adhere to the laws of our King and separate yourselves from foreign policy. For the LORD formed this agreement solely with you men to enforce, maintain, and defend His laws under the Holy Covenant made with our forefathers. Therefore making you men solely reliable for restoring order unto our nation in which His laws are our only resource for recovery.