African men, you must to no degree interchange commerce with Europe, America, or Asia. The laws of our King, Emperor Haile Selassie I requires you to prohibit the trading of our property and merchandise with foreign countries.


Take legal action and impose a ban on businesses dealings with other nations. Take custody of our land and place restrictions on all imports and exports. Prohibit the use and distribution of foreign industrial goods. Get rid of all their real estate properties, commerical and industrial establishments and set up our own domestic industries. Aid the growth of our nation and stop advertising and selling goods for other nations. You must not send away our resources it impairs our development causing our nation to lack the material needed to sustain our living.


Allowing other nations to utilize our land and resources has given them the advantage to exploit us by paying very low prices for our services and impose an extremely high rate on our land and goods to keep us from possessing it. It is your responsibility to prevent these nations from dispensing our land and resources.


Manage our entire land and resources and obligate yourselves to make practical use of it. Permit only our nation to profit from the utilization of it. Establish a plan to make and produce our own goods. Stop giving up your rights of ownership by exchanging our property, goods, and services with foreign nations for money. It is a necessity that you reject subjecting our nation to the stipulation, treatment, and operation of foreign nations. They decrease our resources in a great magnitude which leaves a depriving effect on our people causing them to suffer an extreme measure of impoverishment.


Do not put our land or resources into their possession. You must not hold back our nation from advancing by adhering to their interest. It permits them to plunder our resources and profit from our land and labor allowing their nation to prosper and leaving us without the means to survive.


Prepare and distribute provisions for our entire nation. Our resources is our nation's natural source of wealth which generate revenue and allow our economy to flourish. Direct our affairs and regulate our resources. It is your source of strength which gives us the ability to furnish our people with food and shelter.


It is your moral responsibility to supply our nation with these provisions to maintain a positive satisfying existence. Disburse our goods equally among us. Sort them out systematically to meet the demands of our economy. Estimate the deficiency caused by foreign nations and bring trading to an end. The circumstances arising from poverty demands that you stop dealing with and submitting to foreign nations. We are suffering from their techniques and manner of managment which binds us with bonds, charging excessively high interest and taxes to cause our nation to remain indebted unto their governments while at the same time leaving us with little of nothing to support ourselves.


Change our position and stop obligating yourselves to render over our services, property, and resources and provide for our nation. Foreign governments are pushing our land and people beyond their limits. They are destroying our land to extract merchandise for trade and paying oppressively low wages. These governments has forced their way into our resources and left our nation with political boundaries. This has brought us to an economical collapse devastating us with a surpassing degree of bankruptcy, starvation, homelessness, and joblessness.



African men, foreign militaries has conquered our land and weaken our economy. Set up permanent military bases and guard all domestic industries. European governments employ their military to take control over our possessions. Our nation must come together for our survival and unite our militaries becoming one unit to increases our intensity and strength forcing the enemy''s troops to withdraw from our land. Spread out and surround our borders to secure our nation with a strong system of defense. Our natural resources are the necessary substance to improve our development it was provided by God for our betterment to take care of the needs of our nation and to further our progression.



From the Horn of the Unicorn 

Psalm 92:10 reads, "But my horn shall thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn; I shall be annointed with  fresh oil."


Israelites must return to Ethiopia; Israel shall be restore to its normal state and be free from corruption.


Exodus 20:14 reads, "You shall not commit adultery."