From the Horn of the Unicorn

Psalm 92:10 reads, "But my horn shall thou exalt like the horn          of an unicorn: I shall be anointed with fresh oil."


Israelites must return to Ethiopia; Israel shall be restored to               its normal state and be free from corruption. 

Fifth Commandment

Exodus 20:12 reads, "Honor your Father and mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you."


African men, adhere to the principles of our King and take responsibility for our nation and exercise Sovereign Power throughout the whole territory of our land which Emperor Haile Selassie I has provided you with the knowledge to have mastery over. Exhibit loyalty unto yourselves and give strong assurance to your own lawful Sovereignty and legislate the Constitution of our King. Give rise to your own social, spiritual, economical, and political independency and exercise your rights over our nation. Unite all of Africa and Arabia together into one nation. Exercise Supreme Authority over all political administrations and revenue producing public enterprises, and stop foreign diplomacy. Foreign investments gives other nations the ability to decide our finances, issue orders, and judge our affairs. This tactic is a deceitful maneuver to gain control. We do not lack material, strength, of skill to maintain our own nation. Remove all European policies from presiding over you, and centralize the Laws of our King. Put Emperor Haile Selassie I Laws into a position to be accepted, respected, and feared by legalizing His Customs authoritatively, and stop giving Europe the power and function to make and enforce their rules and regulations in our nation. Their governments do not have the rights to our land. The Constitution of our King have power over our lives. Put Emperor Haile Selassie I Laws into execution that you may have power to overturn foreign policies and compel man to comply to the terms of God. Emerge as an Independent nation and manifest the existence of the Kingdom of God on Earth. Take on your inherited role and signify the essences and nature of God and act on the well-being of humanity. Having different governments from one another causes our nation to be divided. It impairs our ability to possess Sovereign Power. African men, foreign governmants has weaken our nation to the point where we have no political control. They have taken our rights, land, and resources and subjected us to their political confinement. Remove yourselves from the position of being a servant under foreign laws and enforce our King's Principles to defend yourselves against Colonialism. Stop obligating yourselves to be under their control by performing services for their governments. It binds you to their nation and unite you with their cause. This secures their influence to deprive you of your civil and political liberties. Subjecting yourselves to foreign regulations deprive you of your ability to gain control and delegate policies based on peace. Come together as One and fortify your military might to make it easier to restrain foreign forces. It will give you the ability to withstand and elimanate assaults. Being One Unit will increase your power improving your effectiveness to exert great force against invaders. JOIN ALL YOUR GOVERNMENTS TOGETHER AND FORM YOUR MONARCHY. Remove all foreign policies and discharge all foreign officials. These acts must be performed in order to regain control and form our Sovereignty. This is the only effective action to remove the influences of other nations. Put forth an effort to balance our national economy and secure harmony for our nation. Change your socially prescribed pattern of behavior and stop corresponding with foreign governments and be a defense unto your nation.  The enforcement of our King's Laws provide you with complete social liberty to exercise your rights. God gave you men authority to legislate His Laws to delegate His Power and influence over the World. You have the legal right to exercise Paramount civil and military control over other nations. It is your duty to preside over man. Bring commerce to an end and modify our resources among our entire nation to secure and support our own development. Foreign nations practice international diplomacy as a organize mode of operation serving to seize our possessions as their own and profit from it without a struggle. Foreign investments gives Europe and other nations the ability to minimize our development, while promoting the growth of their own nation and securing interest for generations. This provides their descendants with an abundance of wealth before they are born. This also causes our descendants to be indebted unto them before they are born. Trading our resources and land has provided foreign governments with this opportunity. It also permits them to store up our resources for their people while our children are dying and born into debt. Their preditory loans causes our nation to remain indebted unto their governments through the process of our development. European governments always struggle amongst themselves for our resources and land which leaves a great uncertainty for our nation. This brings conflicts and civil wars among our countries. They employ their militaries in our land which consist of our people to fight their wars to obtain our territory; So we die from their exploits while they face no risk. Their management of our affairs has provided European governments with an excessiveness of our resource, which is detrimental unto our economy. Our resources has given them a stock of accumulated goods to utilize as factors of their production to gain an excessiveness of secured capital inwhich we are paying them for our resources and work to remain indebt. African men, you have no chance at all to recover control of our nation under foreign policies. Their policies place them in control. It is vital that you settle the matters of our nation and come to an conclusion to uphold the Laws of our King for the survival and well-being of our people. Prohibit foreign policies and come together nationally and end the functions of foreign administrations and govern our people according to the customs of Emperor Haile Selassie I. Regain control over your military and re-enforce its structure by being one army. Exercise Supreme civil, political, and military authority over our nation. It is your right and duty by blood to take ownership of our nation and dominion of our resources. Exercise leadership and stop permitting other nations to meddle into our affairs. Take charge of our nation and protect our people from being taken advantage of by foreign legislations. It is your responsibility to defend our nation. The absence of the Laws of God has caused our nation to be subject to foreign rule. Enforcing the Laws of our King is the only resolution to re-establish our Monarchy. Come back to the Natural Order and stop conforming to the Idealism of man.