African men, foreign political organizations attacked our nation and overthrow our government. They mislead us with their doctrines and separated us from the laws of our King. It is evident by the destruction of our Monarchy that these governments oppose our rights to be an independent nation. Their manner for conducting our affairs has continuously failed to supply our nation with the safety and provision necessary to sustain our life. They have repeatedly deprive our nation of our sustenance. This has proven the way they think and feel about the poverty and unfavorable conditions they have driven our nation to. These governments deliberately separated us from our natural customs to bring us under subjection. They took lordship over us, restrained us by their laws and force us to obey. This placed foreign administrations in the position of our King. Therefore we are witnessing the bloodshed of our people under foreign rule. They are fighting for our resources and control of our land through their acts of war against our nation. African men, you must bring an end to the destruction of our people by ceasing the operation of foreign administration throughout our nation. Intercede and prevent the passage of their legislation. The armed forces of our nation does not operate to protect us. They receive their orders directly from foreign administrations. There orders are to maintain the advancement of foreign governments by defending foreign rule. Their method for retaining control is through their political systems and war. Be a safeguard unto our nation and stop the violence against our people. Provide  them with their resources and stop supplying other nations with our livelihood. Foreign administrations are exhausting our resources. Our resources serves as reinforcement for our nation and provision for our people. Our resources and land is what our nation needs to pull our people out of poverty. It will allow us to achieve the highest degree of development. It is unavoidable and essential for our existence that you restore our resources.  Do not refuse our people of their inherited right to possess their land and live off its natural resources. It is their God given inheritance and their portion in life. Our poverty stems from a lack of our resources do to trade. Foreign governments has kept our nation in a state of confusion, disorder and peril do to their customs. You must dismiss foreign policies to dispose foreign administrations of power. Restore our King, Emperor Haile Selassie I Constitution to regain jurisdiction of our land. Utilize the laws of our King to keep foreign administrations under control and to deprive them of the liberty of ruling over you. It is your inherited duty to rule over our land and to regulate our affairs according to the laws of our King. You are the administrators and enforcers of God's Law's. Therefore, African men, God gave you men of Israel, His Ten Commandments to enforce obedience to His statues. Our King, Emperor Haile Selassie I is the King of Israel your God and Protector. He is the Sovereign of our nation and the Creator and Ruler of the Universe. He is the all powerful and all knowing Almighty God. His power has no limitations and His wisdom can not be measured. It is your duty by heredity that you serve our King. You are His descendants by blood which makes you the possessors of His Laws. Overturn foreign policy and administer the Laws of God. Take possession over your inheritance and prohibit foreign administrations from taking your share.  African men, we are a distinct nation and people belonging to God. Separate yourselves from foreign administrations and come into the service of our King. Refusing our King and His laws brought on the destruction in which we are experiencing. Accepting our King  and His Laws will bring back our Sovereignty. There is no other restoration, salvation, or reparation. This is our only way to the natural course of life so show respect unto our King by enforcing His Laws, statues, and Judgments and stop dishonoring Him by adhering to foreign principles. You must come together and make your decision to enforce Emperor Haile Selassie I Laws and stop idling around. Make a declaration for peace with our entire nation. We are a Royal heritage and superior unto all other forms of governments. Foreign governments use propaganda in a systematic way to keep us from knowing who we are and to keep us divide to prevent the restoration of our Kingdom. End the genocide of our people and come together for our betterment and make a Atonement with    our God by adhering to His Laws and forming our                                                      Monarchy.