African men, to no degree should you have any other ruler other than your God and King, Emperor Haile Selassie I. For your God, Emperor Haile Selassie I is your LORD, the King of Israel your Creator. You must stop putting all forms of legislations in the place of His Monarchy. For the LORD your God is providing you with His Divine Principles to exercise Supreme Power over our land. It is your inherited duty to enact the laws of our King. Remaining subject to the principles of other rulers is a systematic destruction to the upliftment of our Sovereignty. Discharge the office of foreign governmental institutions and their administrative and policy making agencies. Exercise your rights and release yourselves from the control of other nations and do not give anyone outside our Kingdom dominion to rule over you. For the LORD God is entrusting you men of Israel with the administration of His laws to take complete control over our land. You must prohibit foreign policy and put the laws of God into effect and occupy your roles as our nations leaders. You do not owe allegiance to any form of government outside your King. Display your loyalty unto your God and stop putting your trust in foreign policy. Foreign governments place their beliefs solely in their own system of rules without any adherence to the regulations of God. They use their laws to prohibit our King's Constitution to prevent our Monarchy from coming into existence. Living according to the principles of foreign legislations has caused us to reject our King and oppose our Monarchy. Exemplify oneness with God and legislate Emperor Haile Selassie I customs. Remove foreign rule to restrain foreign legislation's. They have no rights to exercise constitutional or legal authority over our affairs. Their enforcement of laws secure their political administrations and prohibit our rights to exercise complete control over our land. Their principles solely seek to fulfill the desire of nation without having any real interest to attend to the needs of our people. Uphold your legal, moral, and natural duty to govern our nation according to the laws of God to obtain our Independence. This will change the state of our affairs and return you to your original position. Obligate yourselves to re-establish the Constitution of our King, Emperor Haile Selassie I. Utilize His laws to form the fundamental structure of our Monarchy. His laws is our protection and the sacred representation unto all nations that the presences of God is among us.