From the Horn of the Unicorn

Psalm 92:10 reads, "But my horn shall thou exalt like the horn

         of the unicorn : I shall be anointed with fresh oil."

Ninth Commandment


Israelites must return to Ethiopia : Israel shall be restored to its            normal state and be free from corruption.


Exodus 20:16 reads, "You shall not bear false witness 

                      against your neighbor."


African men, Europe and America furnish us with their principles to maintain influence over us. They are committing fraud and giving false accounts to go to war and strike down our nation while disguising themselves as noblemen. Their government invaded our nation, killed our people brutally on a large scale, took over our possessions and establish their militaries in our land. They employ our people and provide them with weapons to enforce their laws and create wars among our countries to extend their dominion and recieve a surplus on our goods. The Roman government is occupying a position of great advantage by using our people to fight their wars. They gain more ground while our people die from battle and the aftermath of their destructive devices. Europe and America habitually use war as a strategy to incorporate municipal boundaries in our land. Obeying their commands has allow them to destroy our land and kill our people by their methods of operation without exerting themselves or putting their nation in any danger. Their governments besiege our nation to attain business profits on real estate, stocks, and bonds, and use trade as a technique to maintain control over our assets. Conforming to their customs has given them the power to regulate our affairs. They are completely absent to the qualities of a civilized human being and are despose to inflicting pain and suffering causing our people to undergo unneccessary violence and live under harsh conditions to obtain riches. Their management of our resources are their grounds to obtain an abundance of wealth. They estimate the worth of our resources and work with hidden aims to cause our bankruptcy and prevent us from exchanging our goods amongs ourselves. They illegally placed a debt on our nation, altered accounts and lied about business transactions to keep us under their control and limit our development. The papal government of Rome brought charges against our nation initated commerce to strip us of our resources and property. They are violating our legal rights by depriving us of our resources. African men, re-establish our Monarchy. Take full control over our affairs and bring an end to the slaughtering of our people. Notice how we are being hunted down like sport for gain and put an end to foreign affairs, and manage our resources. You owe allegiance to your nation stop stablizing foreign administration in our land. Remove yourselves from the influence of other governments and establish a national military that is governed completely by you. Occupy your time, attention, and labor towards forming one unified government. It is your responsibility to enact the laws of our King. Remove all foreign policies from presiding over us. Direct the course of our affairs and institute the laws, judgments,              and statues of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I.