Exodus 20:12 reads, "Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land           which the LORD thy God giveth thee."


African men, treat your King, Emperor Haile Selassie I, with fear and respect and enforce His laws: that you may overturn foreign policy and transition successively into a Monarchy. Reverence your God and consider the great importance of our Sovereignty and the graven consequences we are suffering for being without; and know that our King is providing you with His principles to form a constitutional structure to unite our nation. Recognize the dimension of our King's predominance and obey His method of procedure for obtaining our Independence. Withdraw from foreign policy and comply with the terms of His laws. For the LORD or God has bestow favor and gave you men the vital element for restoring our nation which is essential for exercising complete political control. His Constitution is your means of defense against foreign invasion. Make proper provision for our nation and stop fortifying foreign governments. Take the necessary measures to enact the laws of our King which shall serve as the chief rule of action and basis for your ruling. Your laws shall be an exact replica of His rules, regulations, principles, and ordinances; By which the enforcement of his principles will systematically bring our nation together. The magnitude of your power will then have superior strength and authority to prevail all governing systems; In turn giving you control over human affairs to exercise direct influence over the life and behavior or man. African men, God put you men in charge of His Divine Commandments for the sole purpose of maintaining justice. Therefore you are the central upmost important persons for constituting the laws of God. The laws of our King are eminent and excellent exhibiting virtue and righteousness. Hearken unto your King and make yourselves serviceable unto your God by enforcing His laws. Remove all foreigners from engaging in our affairs and prohibit foreign policies. For the LORD our God confirm His Holy Covenant with you men of Israel and no one else. It is your responsibility to govern His laws so stop yielding to the demands of other nations. There is no justifiable reason for furnishing them with the authority to determine our affairs when you are the direct descendants and heirs of our land. Enforcing foreign policy has caused us to surrender to the will and judgment of foreign governments. They have no right to do as they please and decide our fate. They are profiting off our labor and gaining capital from our resources, and leaving our people to suffer the causalities of destruction for their greed. They have taken away our belongings including our human rights and has inflicted us with death, poverty, and disease. These governments control and use up our land and resources and getting rich off our goods while our people lack food, shelter, security, and health. Securing foreign policy and being without our King's legislation is allowing foreign rulers to impose these undeserved inhuman acts of devastating our nation. Our King's principles is His instructions for making restitution for our people. His laws has the power to exercise complete undivided control over our nation. It is your foundation for forming the structure of our Sovereignty which is also your source of protection against foreign governments. Regain full control over our possessions and increase your ability to withstand attack by joining your armies to be more effective in securing our                                       land and overcoming our enemies.