Exodus 20:13 reads, "Thou shalt not kill."


African men, foreign governments violently overthrew our Monarchy, and took possession over us, our land, and resources. They unlawfully overturn our Constitution and subjected us to their rule. Their political systems violated our rights, forced our allegiance, and exercise supreme control over us. Emperor Haile Selassie I, is the King of Israel, our God unto whom our services are due. The structure of our Monarchy is base off His rules, principles, and ordinances inwhich it is your responsibility to organize. Enforce the principles of our King and stop occupying your time engaging foreign governments. You are a holy people unto God. Set yourselves apart to carry out the judgments of the LORD. His principles will restrain foreign policy and give you mastery over our land. Stop placing our nation and yourselves at a disadvantage and comply with the terms of our King's laws. Foreign laws make it impossible for you to regain control. Their policies are design to entangle you in their political systems. Stop obligating your services unto these nations and take sole responsibility for your own.