Exodus 20:14 reads, "Thou shalt not commit adultery."


African men, you must stop all commerce with foreign nations. Terminate your business dealings and end trade. Commerce has turned our nation into an enslave commercialize industry in which foreign nations are taking  advantage and profiting abundantly, while our people have little to no means of earning a living. Trade is an unlawful act of intercourse with foreign nations. This process of dividing and distributing our goods is act of discarding what we have. You must stop buying and selling with other nations. Trade is giving foreign nations complete power over our land and resources. These extreme methods are an excessive burden on our nation which causes us to have a lack of resources and be in debt to other nations when we have the manpower to develop our land without foreign involvement. Our nation has full capability to promote our own growth. Interchanging commodities has upset the course of our development and directed our attention to attending to the wants and desires of other nations. Trade has dominated our nation and subjected us to the will of foreign nations. We are disposing our resources and placing our services under their control. Foreign nations is using their marketing strategies against us to lay hold of our nation and to gain power over our possessions, and cause us to submit to their interest without opposing their development of our land. They are underpaying us for our goods and services and reselling them to us far beyond there value. Their making an excessive fortune off of our resources by corrupt business deals, excessive pricing and interest, and leaving us with insufficient resources to develop our nation that we my continue to rely on them. Engaging in commerce with foreign nations is their course of action to divide and conquer our nation, exploit our resources, and to bring us into subjection. This conquest of taking our possessions is a discourse to facilitate foreign management. African men, it is your duty to prevent other nations from taking possession over our land and resources. Take responsibility of your rights to possess our land and care for our people. Foreign nations has no right to gain ownership of our land or carry out any terms or agreements to obtain profits from our resources. They are taking control over our land, consuming our resources, and providing their people with our jobs. Our land and resources are our birthright which are being distributed to other nations. Our resources are our source of supply to support the quality of our lives. Trade is depriving our people from using their land and enjoying their resources. Commerce is taking our nation through an overwhelming degree of debt which extends to future generations. Being loaded with unreasonable taxes and services is an radical form of oppression that weigh down our nation leaving us with nothing while foreign nations possess all that we have.