From the Horn of the Unicorn

Psalm 92:10 reads, "But my horn shall thou exalt like the          horn of the unicorn : I shall be anointed with fresh oil."


Israelites must return to Ethiopia : Israel shall be restored to its normal

                       state and be free from corruption.

Tenth Commandment

Exodus 20:17 reads, "You shall not covet your neighor's house : you shall not covet your neighbor's wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey,                                nor anything that is your neighbor's."


African men, the Roman Empire has an envious desire for the wealth of our nation. They expressed their intense zeal and resentment towards God through their acts of war demanding control over our people and ownership of our land and resources. Their vicious attacks destroyed our Monarchy, cast down the laws of our King, and removed you from your official positions. They seized control over our land and employed us to perform services for the advancement of their governments. This placed us in a position to give obedience without thought and to reverent honor unto them as our lord.


We must stop surrendering to their unlawful commands and giving our people over to destruction. We have given up all our rights and put control in their hands. We must stop giving their governments and armed forces power to deprive us of our social, political, and economical rights. They are restricting us from enforcing the laws of our King and exercising full authority over us through the enforcement of their laws. This has caused us to exhibit no judgment.


They have also caused us to spend our time aimlessly struggling for justice within their system. This has proven beyond doubt to be a waste of our efforts to regain control. To obtain our rights we must completely dismantle foreign policy and perform our inherited authorized duty to enforce the laws of our King Emperor Haile Selassie I.

To no degree should you form an alliance with other nations. Associating yourselves with the interest of other nations places you in oppostion with God. For the LORD God has already establish a system of justice. To no degree should you form another government in the place of our Monarchy. Neither should you support any political group or movement to display rebellion towards our King. Neither shall you adhere to any other opinions or purposes in spite of reason. Nor should you oppose any of God's judgments to find yourselves having no legal force to restrict the operation and enforcement of foreign invaders. 


You must not act as God and constitute your own laws. The LORD alone has the authority to prescribe laws. You must not join forces with other governments to abandon the services inwhich you were assigned. Neither shall you provide any substances for any other military unit to act as their foundation and promote their growth. Do not devote yourselves to the services of another government or ruler. This put you in a position to be subordinate unto them. For you are the servants of the LORD God your King. You was not created to be under the rule of no other. You are the enforcers of His establishment. You must stop performing the military duties of other nations, regardless of any threat of force or debt created by their courts. Nor shall you debate the laws of our King or your position of authority with no nation. The principles of our King has legal jurisdiction over the World and it is not to be altered or removed by no one.


African men, it is your duty to restore the laws of our King despite of any resistance or expectations. Your Monarchy should not be similar in no manner to the establishments of other nations. Neither shall you adopt any foreign policies in peace or war. You must not in any manner contribute to the development of another nation. You must not make any agreements related to the production or distribution of our economic goods, land, or resources. Nor should you use any of their resoures.


You must not accelerate their growth by making treaties to support them in war for their efforts to gain more ground and attain a higher rank over you. You must never attack any nation or take ownership of their land. You do not have the right to claim their land or resources.

Neither shall you hand over any of our goods or property as security for any debt. It is not your responsibility to guarantee payment of any debt. You do not owe anything at all unto them. Nor do you owe any allegiance to any other government or ruler.


You must stop sacrificing your lives and carrying on war or any military procedures for foreign nations. Do not come unto their defence or give yourselves over to their control to exercise power over you for pay, brides, or any reason at all in spite of any difficulities, retaliation, intimidation, or imminent danger threating violence. To no degree should you fear them or consider the pro's and con's of adhering to the commands of the LORD GOD,                        Emperor Haile Selassie I or upholding your responsibilities on Earth.