Reflecting on our King



 As I look back into our History I am honored to reflect on our King, Emperor Haile Selassie I. As I notice we Africans don't share the same pride in honoring our King as other nations. We shall observe their actions and learn from them their acknowledgement of their leaders, and come to know that unity starts with the recognition of our own. I would like to point out the symbolism of His Imperial Majesty title and how it is related to us that we may know the significance of His Divinity and come to know our true spirituality. As we know from the beginning of time the King of Israel is the God of Creation and that His nation refuse to reverence themselves unto Him as you see us this day. Therefore due to the lack of knowledge along with the rejection of Him and His laws we remain oppress. With that being said Emperor Haile Selassie I displayed moral excellency and uprightness in promoting unity among our countries in African and nationwide. Through His deeds He laid down the foundation and build a stronger unified Africa. His Imperial Majesty not only  brought forth our Constitution but He revealed unto us our identity through His genealogy. Let us follow His actions and  not let  our differences keep us from coming together and pave the way for the future generations. If we continue to disregard His efforts we will continue to move about aimlessly  like lost sheep without our Shepherd.