Effective Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a disease warfare designed to reduce the population of the world. Though their is a cure for it our medical professionals under the assistance of the government uses chemotheraphy, surgery, and radiation which has proven to be ineffective in most cases. Due to the potency and toxins in their drugs it further aids the destruction of your cells acclerating the growth of tumors, bloodcloths, stomach problems, kidney and liver diseases, problems with your circulatory system, respiratory diseases and severe nervous system problems until it shut down your organs completely. Their medicines are lethal poisons producing a morbid noxious dangerous effect to our bodies tainting and destroying the vitality of life. Most cancer patients die from chemotheraphy and radiation long before they would have died from cancer itself. The people that falls victim to cancer faces horrifying painful deaths while the cancer industries rake in billions of dollars. Due to financial gain our medical professionals treat cancer rather than curing it. Noni juice which is produced from the wild soursop/guyabano fruit is found in your health food stores is the key supplement to restore the functions of your organs. It has many variety of names depending on the country. It is a natural supplement that stimulates your immune system stopping the development and spread of cancer throughout your body. Apricot seeds contains the highest quality of Vitamin B17 which attacks and kills existing cancer cells. Eating apricot seeds is also an effective method to elimate abnormal cells in your body. It can be found in your health food stores as well. When eating the apricot seeds along with drinking the noni juice it can completely rid you of cancer and prevent the disease itself. You must discern proper usage of noni juice and apricot seeds depending on the severity of the cancer. People that has severe cases can juice the wild soursop to get the highest potency of the fruit. Make sure to use the wild foul smelling soursop to obtain the maxium effect, though you can also eat or drink the sweet soursop as an addition to prevent further growth of abnormal cells. You must also use hemp oil or medical marijuana in addition to prolong your life and to regain a soundness of health. We must return to these natural remedies to fight diseases and stop financing and                                              promoting pharmaceutical companies.