Mountain of Justice

Is not the LORD God the only administrator of Justice. So why then do we fight to have our share among corrupted systems in which we do not belong and disregard fact and reason in bringing forth our King's Constitution. Foreign laws has striped us from our inherited rights and condemn us under colonial rule. Their grounds for their immoral acts against our race are determined with the intent to persecute our people because of who we are. We must stop adhering to the laws of man which has caused us unintentionally to fail to give notice to having our own Monarchical government. Consequently, this has kept us from exercising our hereditary rights as a people and caused us unawares to reduce ourselves and undergo unjust discipline and control by foreign parliaments. Positioning ourselves to answer to their laws causes us to be subjected to them. God created you men solely for His services and gave you men of Israel His Laws to maintain our Sovereignty and bring forth equality. Unfortunately, we will continue to experience brutality and offensive crimes against our people until we enact the Divine Principles and Constitution of our King,                              Emperor Haile Selassie I to uphold and defend our cause.