The Slaugher of Blacks in                  America 

Cancer is the new Biological Warfare killing people in America especially us blacks. The popes introduce and unleashed these poisons to destroy the black race and to reduce the population of the World. The government laid the foundation of this Blood Bath promoting and increasing the use of preservatives and toxins in our food and medicine to hammer us with blows. Preservatives and toxins are disease spreading micro-organisms that fatally attack our body causing malignant tumors to an outstanding degree. Scientist studied and formulate these micro-organisms to cause destruction to our cells intentionally. They were aware before sending these chemicals out that it would cause our organs to become inoperative from continuous ingestion. These acts of spreading contaminates to plague the human population are principles of evil were greed and corruption triumph over our wellfare. This abomination is undeserving and hopeless for all people. It is cruelty to the core with graven diaster upon the innocent. Though their chemicals are detrimental to our health it is continuously placed in our foods and we are continuously being prescribed medications which kill us out far sooner than street drugs at an exceptional fast pace. It is as                   we have been bitten by a Venomous Snake.

The Hissing Effect