The Culturalization of the Black Race

African men, throughout the generations of our heritage we as a people are undergoing oppressive political, economical, social, and spiritual evolution regulated by foreign legislation's. Europe refuse to acknowledge our Sovereignty and forced us to live in subjection to their governments. This displace us from being a self-reliant nation and culturalize us to depend on their systems of management. Their principles are their governing tool they use to restrict us from attaining our Independence. They designed their philosophies, religions, and sciences to have a directing influence on life to limit the ways we attain awareness and understanding. It is vital that you recognize these political systems that stimulated economic disadvantage and instituted cultural changes and beliefs that subject us to their control. The overthrowing of our original customs is an unnatural evolutionary process that altered the ways we live, think, and behave. Being without our Sovereignty is what caused us to lose the power to restrain foreign forces. All of Africa and Arabia must become united under the customs of our King to have evident unquestionable authority over our land. Foreign governments took over our affairs to profit from our land, resources, and the employment of our people. By no means did God create you to be subordinate to other nations. Neither did He place them in the care of our nation. It is utmost important that we recourse our actions and enforce the Constitution that Emperor Haile Selassie I provided us with to exercise dominion over our land and end the                                     process of  Genocide by foreign legislation's.