The Moors is a radical group who fled the war in Israel (Africa). They followed the abominations of King Jeroboam, King Manasseh, King Amon, and King Ahab and worshipped the God of Molech which translate into the God of War/Men of War inwhich they shed alot of blood and considered themselves Gods. This Black Supremacy movement is much like European Colonialism. They established societies outside Isreal to escape the judgment of the LORD for the worship of Cosmic Forces along with other abominations. They evoked the spirits of the dead with Ra being their supreme Diety. It is forbidden for any man to take counsil with familiar spirits and wizards including their dead ancestors. One must understand that evoking these spirits and following these teachings oppose constructive thinking. The forces of the Spiritual Realm contain spirits of condemn souls which are capable of entering the immaterial (Your Mind) part of man through the interaction of thought to alter your ways of thinking. God gave all men power of mind to differentiate between reality and a misleading conception. Analyze and think logically about the Forces of Evil which teaches men that they are greater than one another. In no manner should we possess any understanding of these forces of the dead which condemns man soul. Neither are we "THE CHOSEN". We are simply God's heritage and being of His genealogy we are invested with the resposibilities of upholding His laws. That makes us greater than no man, we were created equal. What separate one individual from another is simply his ways.